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March 24, 2023by Elliott Landman

The lighting in your kitchen can make it look nice and easier to use. But even though it’s important, some people don’t think much about it. To get the most out of your new kitchen, you should plan the lighting simultaneously with everything else. That way, you can make sure it’s part of the plan right from the start. 

Nowadays, kitchens are used for more than just cooking. They’re also a place where people can get together for various events, like simple meals or big parties. If you have good kitchen lighting, you can create the perfect atmosphere for you and your loved ones to enjoy. Kitchen Renovations Perfected says that lighting isn’t just for practical reasons. It can also make your kitchen look modern, no matter if you choose traditional style. 

When planning a new kitchen, professionals will include three main types of lighting:

  1. Accent lighting 
  2. Task lighting
  3. General lighting


  • Task lighting in the kitchen is like lighting under the cabinets that shine down on the countertop where you prepare food. People often use low-voltage LED(Light Emitting Diode) strip lights/puck lights for this purpose. When you choose the lights, make sure they match the countertop you picked. If you have a shiny countertop, you might need lights that evenly spread the light. Talk to your electrician about where to put the lights and how wide the beam should be. 
  • Another type of important lighting to consider when designing your kitchen is accent lighting. It is a great way to draw attention to decorative items like a fancy hood fan or a wine rack, a pretty painting, or a special architectural feature like a stone fireplace or high ceiling. Lighting experts usually recommend that the accent light be three times brighter than the other lights around it.
  • General lighting is a type of light used to fill any areas where there isn’t enough light. In kitchens, people often use recessed lights, pendant lights over islands/chandelier-style fixtures for general lighting. Pendant lights can come in clusters, meaning multiple lights are hanging together. 

The Importance of Lighting in Kitchen Design to Create Perfect Ambiance 

Upgrading the  kitchen lighting can be very helpful in many ways. It can make your kitchen safer and improve how you prepare your food. It can also make your whole house look and feel better and even increase its value if you want to sell it. This guide will explain why good  kitchen lighting is so important. 

  • Increases Cooking Safety (and Quality)

Having a well-lit kitchen is very important for your, and your family’s safety. It’s important to have bright lights so that you can see everything clearly while you’re cooking and so that you don’t accidentally bump into anything or anyone. Moreover, if you can see better, you can make better food too! Ensure you install bright lights in your kitchen to stay safe and cook delicious meals.

  • Sets the Entire Mood

Kitchen Renovations Perfected believes that the kitchen is the most important room in a home, more important than even the living & family rooms. If you make any improvements to your kitchen, it will make your whole house looks better. When your kitchen is well-lit, it sets the mood for your home’s style and assists in improving the overall mood. Cozy sensations are evoked by warm hues, whereas white & blue lighting generates a feeling of motivation and energy. 

  • Adds More Value

Have you ever thought about what makes a house worth more money? Well, many people like big and pretty kitchens with new appliances. So, if your kitchen looks nice, your whole house will be worth more money. You can improve your kitchen by adding good lighting, like lights under your cabinets and in your pantry. You don’t have to change your appliances to make the kitchen look modern & valuable. 

  • Illuminating Your Kitchen

When you make a kitchen, it’s important to think about good  kitchen lighting. It would be best to have a mix of bright lights for seeing everything. It will make your kitchen look better and safer, and easier to use. 

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Kitchen Renovations Perfected is expert in kitchen designing. We can design the perfectly lit environment in any kitchen. Whether you’re looking for something subtle yet sophisticated or bold and eye-catching, there are plenty of great options available when it comes to integrating good-quality kitchen lighting into your design plan.

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