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Renovations PerfectedAbout Us

Kitchen Renovations Perfected’s goal is to create an all-encompassing “everything under one roof” service where our clients can find anything and everything they need for their home remodeling projects, ranging from design of the space to the physical materials to the day-today coordination of the project.

Our goal is to ensure that our clients do not need to suffer through the stress of managing all of the fine details of their project. We accomplish this by providing only the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship in our products and overseeing every step of the process from start to finish. We believe this to be the only way to ensure that our clients have the highest quality, lowest level of stress remodeling experience possible.

Kitchen Renovations Perfected is your go-to source for Design, Cabinetry, Natural Stone and Manufactured Countertop Surfaces, Natural Stone and Porcelain Flooring, and more. We specialize in Kitchen and Bathroom design and are known for our attention to detail and efficiency in having our projects completed. All of our cabinetry is backed by a Lifetime Warranty and we only work with the highest quality vendors and recommended subcontractors.

All of the subcontractors that we recommend are licensed and insured professionals at the top of their industry.

Our design process and our approach to the remodeling process is intuitive, straightforward, and carefully managed for the purpose of making the all-too-complicated remodel process as stress-free as possible.

The Kitchen Renovations Perfected TeamMeet Our Experts


Founder & PresidentElliott Landman

Elliott is a New Yorker who was transplanted to South Florida over thirty five years ago. Elliott was born into the fine furniture business – with his parents as his role models, it only seemed natural for him to pursue his career in the design field. Elliott attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, NY and began working in the design and marketing fields. Promptly after graduating, Elliott opened a very successful design firm of his own at the age of 21. It was here that Elliott found his niche in custom cabinetry. He became enthralled with kitchen and bath design, which soon grew into designing custom wall units, libraries and offices. He became intrigued by all of the details and found his satisfaction in his finished projects.

Elliott’s passion for creativity became recognizable and his expertise sought after by various companies who hired him to develop their businesses into fortune 500 companies. He then became a spokesperson for channels 6 and 10, after which his list of clientele grew to include celebrities, athletes and other well-known individuals. There is no doubt that Elliott has been a leader in the kitchen industry for over thirty five years. Major cabinet manufacturers, both nationally and internationally, consult with Elliott at their round table meetings for his knowledge in future design considerations.

Elliott can now be found by calling him at (561) 441-6008. It is here that Elliott lives his dream by making clients’ dreams come true. Elliott is forever grateful for all of those who allow him and his team to become a part of the design in the heart of their homes. Elliott and his professional team work together and are always looking forward to meeting new people and the opportunity to be a part of their lives.


VP & OwnerNora Landman

I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. There, I had attended medical school. I then moved to the United States with my two children and found my true passion in the building and development industry. I was so intrigued by the business that I wanted to learn all aspects of the business. In 1992, my third child was born. In 1996 I became a Vice-President of Sales and Marketing – under this title, I worked for several renowned companies in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and South America. In 1998 I met my husband, Elliott. I admired and was so interested in his business that, 15 years ago, I decided to leave sales and marketing to open a kitchen design showroom with Elliott.

For the past sixteen years, I have been the backbone of this business. Although most of my work is behind the scenes, it is all essential in making our business run smoothly. I ensure that schedules are kept and accounts are maintained, as well as serving as the human resource manager for the office. I know very well that teamwork makes it all possible and, at KRP, we have a great team of professionals.


Project Designer / Head of expediting all ordersAdrienne Amore

As a daughter of a prominent custom home builder, Adrienne was raised in the industry and at an early age, became intrigued with the business and began traveling to job sites with her father. After learning the business, she chose to specialize in kitchen & bath remodeling.  Thanks to her wide range of knowledge in construction, she has the ability to read architectural plans and discuss all aspects of the construction process with the contractor as well as design ideas with the homeowner thus translating into the homeowner’s vision.  Adrienne has been designing kitchens for many years and has a love of cooking which translates into how she designs homes.


Social Media DirectorMichael Sherman

Michael Sherman has been in the marketing/advertising industry for the past 15 years
as an account executive, production manager, and SEO & social media specialist. For
the past eight years, his focus and passion has been social media and digital
marketing, specializing in content creation and strategy on top social media channels
and blogs. Michael is the social media/marketing co-chair for the South Florida
Interactive Marketing Association (SFIMA) and previous social media chair for the
Florida Direct Marketing Association (FDMA). His experience spans a variety of
industries including real estate, education, retail, healthcare, and hospitality.

Our concept strategy

We’ve distilled our interior design process into 4 Steps – the same steps we have been using for more than 41 years.

Step 1Meet Customers

Our team meets with clients in their home to discuss their ideas and the entirety of the scope of their project. On this initial visit, we gather all information necessary to move forward, including taking all necessary measurements, pictures, and references.
Step 2Design Concept
Based on the information gathered during our initial visit, Kitchen Renovations Perfected will produce a full proposal, including a completed design and layout of the project area, an itemized quote, and a sample schedule for the project.
Step 3 Customer Feedback
After presenting and discussing the project proposal and details, KRP listens to and applies feedback to produce an updated design and proposal.
Step 4Construction
Once the design layout, project details, and schedule are finalized, all materials are chosen and ordered and the project has officially begun!

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Your source for Design, Cabinetry, Granite, Natural Stone and Porcelain flooring, and much more. We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, wall units, and libraries, with a high attention to detail and efficiency.