Top-Notch Bathroom Designs Services for Aging In Place

February 20, 2023by Elliott Landman

It can be challenging for older people to successfully and securely use the bathroom, including the toilet, shower, faucets, and bathtub. Standing in the shower for such an extended period of time is difficult for those who have limited mobility and strength, and stepping in and out of a bathtub can be dangerous.

Luckily, Kitchen Renovations Perfected is well-versed in advancements in the design of bathrooms for seniors that make using the facilities simple and convenient. The makeover includes a broad range of things, from curbless showering that eliminates the requirement for a step-up, to accessing a feature as simple as a sprayer accessory.

The elderly may benefit from these modifications by having greater bathroom independence, and the older caregiver can better care for their loved ones.


Options for Aging In Place Bathroom Design

Following are some note-worthy options to consider while designing an age in place bathroom.

  • Install faucets with levers

A lever faucet eliminates turning and twisting, which might be challenging for senior citizens. There are design options available like foot-controller faucets. Although changing a faucet may not be as challenging as it previously was, it is always a good plan to consult a professional while making the replacement.

  • Acquire a shower head sprayer attachment

Bathing is made incredibly simple with a showerhead that’s easy to remove and hold in hand. A benefit for people who have trouble standing for extended periods of time is that it also minimizes the requirement to stand when taking a shower. For the elderly, being capable of sitting while taking a shower also offers greater freedom, safety, and security.

  • Add rails and grab bars

One of the simplest and most affordable methods for making your bathroom more senior-friendly is to add rails and grab bars. It is easy to use the bathroom for both the elderly and caregivers when grab rails and bars are installed in the bathroom. You have the option of installing the handrails and bars by hiring Kitchen Renovations Perfected.

  • Increase the toilet’s height

For elderly people, a three-inch height increase on the toilet may make a world of difference. There are several ways to increase the toilet’s height. You may either just increase the length of the current toilet by adding a wide toilet seat, or you can install a “Comfort Height” toilet instead. Once more, you may either complete this with the help of Kitchen Renovations Perfected.

  • Thick carpets that act as cushions

Senior caregivers who spend extended amounts of time on their knees washing someone may appreciate this quick and cheap bathroom modification. Your knees won’t fatigue if you put a thick rug or cushion under them, which will make bathing a lesser hassle.


Benefits of Aging In Place Bathroom Design

Below are some advantages of aging in place bathroom design for seniors or elderly.

  • Provide Comfort

The bathroom constitutes amongst the most crucial areas of a home, as any older citizen would attest. It is necessary for maintaining personal cleanliness, yet it additionally offers a space to rest and unwind after a hard day. Yet many older citizens complain that their toilets aren’t as comfortable as they could be.

Bathroom renovation can help in this situation. Bathroom renovation may assist seniors in staying comfortable and safe within their own houses by making little adjustments like raising the elevation of a toilet.

  • Provide Safety

We engage in some of our most intimate and private acts in the bathroom. It follows that bathroom design holds a greater impact on our everyday life and it is not surprising.

A higher degree of freedom and safety may be offered through bathroom renovation. Bathrooms are frequently hazardous, as any person who has tried taking a shower standing over a slippery, wet surface will attest.

  • Improves Efficiency

Efficiency is yet another advantage for the senior when redesigning a bathroom. Seniors can use a moving shower head, for instance, to wash and rinse themselves with more ease than a stationary shower head.

Those with limited mobility might benefit from larger doorways, lowered switches, and higher toilets, among other modifications.

For instance, putting handrails during the shower may assist in avoiding falls while also facilitating easy access for the homeowner to the space.



Among the most hazardous areas of the home for the elderly is the bathroom. Bathroom renovation can assist in lowering the danger of harm because falls and slips are extremely frequent.

Kitchen Renovations Perfected is providing top-notch and affordable services in designing the bathroom as per the needs of elderly or seniors. Contact us now to get more details and information about aging in place bathroom design for seniors.

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