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December 12, 2022by Elliott Landman

Living in South Florida has its highs and lows. The Sunshine State has a wide variety of attractions to offer. From feeling the vibes of Miami Vice to enjoying the serenity of Palm Beaches, one can say it’s a city of dreams. However, being a tourist is one thing, and permanently living in a coastal town is another.

While discussing the residential component of Florida life, one should have a fair idea about the problems associated with the high humidity of Boca Raton. This humid environment can present several issues:


Mold Infestation

Molds generally grow in an area with constant moisture. Bathrooms are the breeding and feeding ground for molds. The most common areas are under the bathroom sink and between shower tiles. The result is generally bathroom remodel.


Structural Damage

High humidity compromises structural integrity. It generally results in the peeling of wall paint, which causes subsequent stains, cracks in the concrete wall, and water pipes rusting, affecting water quality and flow. All of these factors combine to give rise to a need for bathroom renovation.

Aforementioned in view, here are the seven signs which necessitate bathroom remodel:


Stains on the Walls and Ceiling

One of the signs of structural problems in the bathroom is the recurring need to repaint it. Bathroom renovation is required, so it is better to contact a professional.


Peeling of Wall, Ceiling Paint and Whitewash

Peeling on the wall indicates leakage in the bathroom, and it is advised to get it checked.


Outdated Design of the Bathroom

With time the design of the home also gets old. The bathroom design also becomes obsolete, and a need for a remodel is felt.


Rust on the Metal

When the structure gets old, there are visible signs of deterioration. In the case of bathrooms, the pipes get rusty and cracked, and in some cases, there are holes as well. As a result, there is lower water pressure. In this case, there is a need to get your washroom checked. KRP gives consultation services for bathroom remodeling in boca raton.


Molds Under the Sink or in Between Bathroom Tiles

Washrooms generally have some way of removing excess humidity and heat. If that is disrupted, it can cause the growth of molds. Molds can cause many types of allergies and diseases, so it is better to keep your washroom free of mildew, and bathroom renovation should be done.


Smell of Mildew

Sometimes molds and mildews are not directly visible, but you can feel their presence by the odor of it. So, it is better to get your washroom checked for it.


Rust in Metal Frames and Swelling in Wooden Frames

If you see rust on the bathroom’s metallic components and swelling in the wooden framework, these are signs of the need for serious reconstruction. Get help from an expert as soon as possible.

These signs might be small and not very costly at the beginning, but ignoring these signs can make you pay heavily. As with time, the issue grows and can lead to complete reconstruction. The whole process can be time-consuming, costly, and hectic.


Let’s do This

After noticing these signs in the bathroom, a feasible solution is necessary. For bathroom remodeling in boca raton, Kitchen Renovations Perfected (KRP) offers the best options in town. We possess a vast experience in bathroom remodeling of residential infrastructure and provide the user with the proposed design, project timelines, and budget estimates. Moreover, our team will be in constant touch with the client so that the result will give you the utmost satisfaction. Get an estimate by getting to our customer support line.


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