Kitchen RedesigningGetting Started on Your Project | Kitchen Renovations Boca Raton, FL

Planning Your Project

Collect tons of ideas. Ideas can come from anywhere, like magazines, social media sites, television shows, or even art pieces that inspire. Transformation should come from your inspiration.

Identifying Needs

Make a list of all the things you like about your current room, and a separate list of the features you dislike about the room, and why. When sitting down with your designer, these lists will help shape the design.

See How They Work

Watch storage solution demonstration videos to learn how Medallion Cabinetry helps you maximize the interior space of your new cabinets.

Consider Your Options

Careful planning and allocation of the budget prevents overspending and wasting money; however, good planning and careful research could also provide opportunities in which money is saved.

Ask For Written Estimate

Your Medallion dealer will give you a written summary of the costs for your new cabinetry. Do expect the same from any contractors you hire to work in your home.

Plan Your Expenses

The amount you spend on a new kitchen varies based on needs, style and age of the home and selections made. In general, plan to spend about the same on a new kitchen as you would on a new car, more or less as your family finances permit.

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